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Military Vehicles Collectors Squad – Group Rhin/Vosges

June 1944 – 8th may 1945  :
Eleven months of intense combats, from the beaches in Normandy to the Fall of Berlin, led to the final collapse of the Nazi regime and allowed for the freeing of the "Old" continent. In this awful war, History will retain some strong episodes : the Battle of Normandy, the Battle of the Ardennes, the Rhine Crossing, the junction established with the Soviet Army .
But never will be forgotten the formidable logistics effort needed to achieve this goal : hundreds of thousands of various vehicule used to convey troops, hardware, equipment, food and ammunition. .

January 2004 – the winter comes in harsh
August 2004. Mutzig. Participation of the Group to a ceremony unveiling a commemorative plate .


For many, the symbol of recovered freedom is often linked to the image of the Jeep full of jerricans, boxes, packets and carrying young and smiling G.I.
The Military Vehicles Collectors Squad is a Colmar-based association with about 30 members and owning about 15 vehicles : Jeeps, Dodges WC 52, Dodge WC 63, Dodge Command Car, GMC. The association aims at acquiring, restoring and maintaining military vehicles from the Liberation, organising show and convoys and reconstitute military camps.

"Return throug the wine road. Itterwiller".
Place de la Réunion in Mulhouse. Ceremonies of the liberation of the city on the 21 st of november 2004.


The association is also active in accompanying ceremonies, parades, patriotic events, in the spirit of the Duty to Remembrance of the most destructive war in the history of mankind, which cost lives to over 50 millions human beings. It also boasts a singing section which can interpred military songs.

6th February 2005 : a Dodge Command Car is engaged in the Commemorative ceremonies of Munster.
A Dodge 6x6 in Munster.


The Squad has also participated in the 60th Anniversary ceremonies of Normandy, Mulhouse, Colmar, Muster, to the Open Days of the 55 th Transmission Regiment in Mutzig...

Your are passionate by the Second World War ? you like americain military vehicles from the Liberation times ? You wish to join in a military camp, a Liberation ceremony, you also like sport and outdoors activities ?

You own a vehicle, or you don't, but you are passionate about seriousness in what you do, you like team spirits and wish to defend along us historical values ?
Then join the ranks of our Squad !

A moroccan "groumier" driving his Jeep in Colmar, 30 january 2005.
"Children are also welcomed to join"


Contacts :
André WIRTH 4 Chemin de la Tourelle Hohrodberg 68140 HOHROD
Phone : +33(0)389774529 Mobile : +33(0)685217377 E-mail : andrewirth@wanadoo.fr
Jean Michel BRAESCH 183 Chemin du Sattel 68140 STOSSWIHR
Phone : +33(0)389775807 Mobile : +33(0)679197719

A 6x6 Dodge and a 4x4 Dodge manoeuvering
No, this is not in St Mere Eglise (50)"


A static exhibition in Labaroche.

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