Cyrano is an open-source chess engine.

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22/08/2008 : Cyrano 0.6 beta 17. win 32 bits + linux 32 bits (compiled on ubuntu 8.04, need pthreads)
This is a beta !

19/06/2008 : Cyrano 0.5 released. (21/06/2008 JA's package, thank Jim !)

03/05/2008 : Cyrano 0.4 released (there is a new book too).

01/02/2008 : Cyrano 0.3 can use Scoripio bitbases but they are disabled by default, this needs more work to be usable (in a game).

24/12/2007 : Dietmar Quast found a bug on queen promotion when in check. Cyrano was not generating this move, this is annoying for the analysis but the move was not accepted when sent from the GUI.

22/12/2007 : Graham Banks found a bug in the time control (40/40 time control for example), Cyrano could loose on time on the last move to play. I've added a 200ms security margin.

07/12/2007 : time control bug corrected, Cyrano should play better too.

04/12/2007 : there is another bug in the time control in uci mode, Cyrano is not using the time increment.

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There is no book in the downloads. Versions are approx. 300k, source included (does not compile on *nix yet).

new bookbook.zip1 Mo (polyglot format)
21/06/2008Cyrano 0.5 JAJim Ablett's optimized builds, 32 and 64 bits with book (1.2 Mb)
19/06/2008Cyrano 0.5...
03/05/2008Cyrano 0.4search, eval, book...
old booktest.pbk1 Mo (polyglot format)
01/02/2008Cyrano0.3time management, bugs, search, eval...
24/12/2007Cyrano0.2f exe only !promotion bug, no other change
22/12/2007Cyrano0.2e exe only !time control bug, no other change
07/12/2007cyrano0.2duci time control bug, better eval, better search
26/11/2007cyrano0.2c WB2 & UCIuci time control bug
24/11/2007cyrano0.2b WB2 & UCIUCI support & eval
10/11/2007cyrano0.1f WB2Search, partial UCI support
28/09/2007cyrano0.1e WB2Search & bugs

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