PZ5RA Ramon

 New shack to rent
in Suriname


Since beginning of 2006 , Ramon 's shack
to rent, is now in a separate and completly
new house! It is still located in his domain
in downtown Paramaribo.
"Contest operators" or "holidays stations"
will find inside the house :
The operating corner with Radio equipements
connected to the antennas, phone line, 
cooking corner with kitchen, 2 bedrooms with
4 single beds and cooling system, Toilets,
shower, water etc....

Shack entrance..                                                                           Side view...                                                                 Tower...

Towers with Yagis for 10/15/20M + 6M   and  Yagi 10/12/15/17/20/40M + dipole 80M   + slopper  160/30M...

Operating position                                                                  Bands filters                                                                    Antennas

Comfort inside the house...