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décembre 2002

Texte et photos : Catherine Sédillière 3e Européenne

The journeys

We took the bus at 10 p.m on Sunday 15th December and we travelled by night. I didn't manage to sleep a lot in the bus, so I was very tired on Monday morning. We arrived at about 7 a.m in Calais. We took the ferry there. The boat was new and very pretty, so the crossing of the sea was very pleasant. We could have our breakfast on the ferry but I didn't take anything because I'm ill when I travel by boat. We arrived at about 9 a.m in Dover and then continued our journey to London by bus.

To return to France, we left London in Thursday 19th December evening to go to Dover. We took the ferry there at about 10 p.m. The ferry was older than the one we took on our way to Dover. We didn't have many things to do on board. I was tired so I slept in the bus because we could stretch our legs. We arrived in Mundolsheim at about 9 in the morning. I slept all day long because I was very tired.

The Thuesdays visits
St Paul's Cathedral

On Tuesday morning, we did a tour in London by coach. We learnt many things about the city and we discovered several monuments and areas. We saw St Paul's Cathedral which is very big and beautiful. Unfortunately, the entrance ticket was too expensive so we couldn't visit this cathedral. We also saw the City, which is the London economical district. It's one of the biggest in the whole world. I enjoyed this tour because I learnt a lot of things about London and I found it very interesting


Madame Tussaud's


It was my favourite museum. We could take photos with our favourite celebrities but they were in wax. I found this museum very funny and entertaining. It wasn't boring and dusty as it is in some museums. I adored Madame Tussaud's because the wax statues looked so real ! It was amazing!!. And it's great because there are not only contemporary stars but there are important people from History too.

Aurélie, Florence and me with
Brad Pitt and John Travolta

The Sherlock Holmes' house

We saw the Sherlock Holmes' house at one of the most famous address 221b Baker Street and I took a photo with Mr Poinsignon dressed up as Sherlock Holmes

We went into the most famous English store, Harrods, which is very posh. I heard ladies say: "Oh! French visitors! Stupid!" but I don't know why.

Wednesdays activities
Imperial War Museum


On Wednesday morning, we visited the Imperial War Museum. I loved this museum because it was interesting and Mr Poinsignon explained me everything about the war, especially the things I didn't understand. The museum has reproduced a tranche very well: it seemed we really were in one. The Holocaust Exhibition was very complete and interesting. And I didn't found this museum boring at all. But I was a bit disappointed because I didn't understand all the things which were written on the boards on my own. Luckily, Mrs Ferria was here and translated for me.

The walk in Westminster area

In the afternoon, we walked in the Westminster area. We saw the most famous monuments of London: The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Nelson Column in Trafalgar Square. And what's more, it was very sunny. I liked this walk because I really saw the famous London monuments at last.


The National Gallery


The National Gallery is situated next to Trafalgar Square, so we visited this museum after our walk. I didn't like it because there were a lot of religious paintings. But I enjoyed seeing the painting "Sunflowers" by Van Gogh

Thursday : The British Museum and Shopping

On Thursday morning, we visited the famous British Museum. I enjoyed it because I'm keen on Egyptian and Greek civilisations. I learnt many things about the Rosetta stone and everything about the Elgin marbles. This museum is very big but to my mind it's pleasant to visit it. The dome in glass was nice and the very big library was very impressive and beautiful.

Florence and Aurélie

In the afternoon, we did some shopping in Oxford Street and Regent Street. I was into the biggest English toy store, Hamley's, with Aurélie and Florence. I was disappointed because everything was expensive (more than in France), and I didn't have enough money to buy something for me because I bought presents for my family. And I found there were too many people in the streets.



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