DDR steel helmets

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M1-f.jpg (19337 octets)M1-d.jpg (44109 octets)M1-g.jpg (30603 octets)M1-a.jpg (59368 octets)

M1-1.jpg (52339 octets)M1-2.jpg (47357 octets)M1-3.jpg (55702 octets)M1-4.jpg (66682 octets)

M1-6.jpg (68842 octets)M1-7.jpg (59838 octets)M1-8.jpg (42926 octets)M1-9.jpg (34954 octets)

The shell has 3 small rivets and is marked II/58. The leather liner riveted (2-lug removable rivets) onto the circle while the 4 grey small "cushions"are sown onto the metal circle.

The chin strap rings do not bear the leather protection at the back to protect the skin.



M2-f.jpg (52544 octets)M2-d.jpg (45392 octets)M2-g.jpg (53123 octets)M2-a.jpg (53758 octets)

M2-1.jpg (52137 octets)M2-2.jpg (43405 octets)M2-3.jpg (51038 octets)M2-4.jpg (44105 octets)M2-5.jpg (58817 octets)

M2-6.jpg (62172 octets)M2-7.jpg (45035 octets)M2-7a.jpg (36985 octets)M2-8.jpg (39540 octets)M2-8a.jpg (36594 octets)

The shell has 3 small rivets and is marked I (?) 65  64.

The liner is all riveted with 2 lug rivets.



M3-f.jpg (21387 octets)M3-g.jpg (23757 octets)M3-d.jpg (23822 octets)M3-a.jpg (17733 octets)

M3-1.jpg (28933 octets)M3-10.jpg (73667 octets)M3-11.jpg (61676 octets)M3-12.jpg (26758 octets)M3-12a.jpg (37418 octets)

M3-13.jpg (63008 octets)M3-14.jpg (45069 octets)M3-15.jpg (26269 octets)M3-5.jpg (65624 octets)

The shell is 1st type with 3 small rivets and stamped  H 9. 59 (or 56). I am not quite sure of it all. . The1st type inside device once supporting  the liner, just like above helmets, was removed ; it can still be seen inside the shell where only the rivets remain. 6 new small bits were fixed onto the shell inside just like the helmet below.

The shell was obviously totally repainted before the helmer was reissued... confirming once again that everything was used till worn out in the NVA, and then could even be given a new life afterwards

The liner is "one size fits all" made of leather and plastic. The leather (lightly marked NVA) is sown onto the plastic circle. Two of the chin strap rivets, on both sides, are plastified .





M4-f.jpg (18288 octets)M4-g.jpg (21510 octets)M4-d.jpg (23791 octets)M4-a.jpg (18973 octets)

M4-3.jpg (38882 octets)

Last type shell : no rivets at all.

"One size fits all" liner is the same as above.