09 May 2017 - 07:53:15
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League champions farther and farther, Messi's future is getting closer. Monday's "Daily Sport newspaper" gives headlines that Barcelona and Messi have reached a basic agreement on the renewal, unless there is a huge turning point, fifa ultimate team coins otherwise the Argentine star will definitely sign a new with Barcelona contract. But taking into account the current Barcelona may still win the league, as well as the King's Cup final to play, Catalan media that the renewal will not be completed in recent weeks, the most likely time is the end of the season, plum West leave the vacation before.
And Messi to complete the renewal is undoubtedly one of the key work of Barcelona this season,fut coins the first half of the season was heard Messi suspended negotiations with Barcelona, does not rule out the possible news of leaving Barcelona. But in the past one or two months, everything began to move in the right direction, Barcelona and Messi's contract negotiations officially restart. In fact, on Saturday, "Marca" gave an exclusive report, said Barcelona President Bartome Meu personally in the last Friday and Messi father Jorge had talks, and some key elements reached a
According to the news of the Catalan media, after the weekend Barcelona defeated Villarreal, Batuo Meiyu and Jorge also held talks, and the renewal reached a basic agreement, and now only Some details of the terms need to continue to discuss, but this is not a big problem, Jorge can not even stay in Barcelona, after returning to Argentina through remote video can get. "World Sports Daily" said the Barcelona and Messi will sign a five-year contract, that is renewed to 2022, the contract expires when Messi has 35 years old, then Messi may return to Argentina to continue Play, but this is definitely Messi's last contract in European football.
The annual salary, the previous negotiations in the offer of Barcelona in 35 million euros, all aspects of the Macy team show this figure is not too satisfied, which is one of the main points of the two sides, so the Spanish media also speculated that the reason why the negotiations To make a breakthrough, it is likely because Barcelona has made concessions in the annual salary, which also means that Messi's annual salary will certainly be more than 35 million euros, the Argentine will become the world's highest annual football players.

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