08 May 2017 - 12:12:38
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May 7, 2017 started a 5-day IEM Sydney finals, against both sides of the "Brazilian big dog" SK and "international column" FaZe.

This has to say SK this team, and since the recent summit after winning, its momentum Dasheng. In this IEM Sydney is also easy to win the final victory.

The finals of the face of the momentum is still strong FaZe, like Mars hit the earth. From the election chart point of view, FaZe because in the Train to defeat the A team's self-confidence, and selected Train just in the SK's pregnant.

If the A team and FaZe train is the wisdom and the power of the showdown, that SK is known for the control of the world, it represents it as if a big network, a firm limit to want to escape out of tough Of FaZe, perfect restraint. So in the first step in the election process FaZe eat a big loss.
And the second map is SK selected, cs go Werbegeschenke why SK will choose FaZe strong map it? It is necessary to mention here, do not know that we found no, FaZe hit A team nuke all A point attack score, relying on a narrow terrain with a gun directly fried A team. But SK is not good at this fast pace, they need more time to eat the audience information, so they prefer to choose a better terrain cache do not want to choose terrain narrow nuke.

Look at the two after the map, FaZe rely on the play to pull back a point, into the years of no one election Overpass, but coherent, you FaZe rain will be hungry, my SK big cold god will not play it? In fact, in the last map, the two sides of the tactical game are quite exciting, not to say which team tactical play is to be stronger, but because the whole 10 people, the bottom of the base of three are FaZe members.

CSGO game is so accidental, cs go Spielseite and this is precisely what is the charm of it, not the team will be able to all the way just in the end. Finally, congratulations SK won the current IEM Sydney station champion, but also look forward to their next competition can have a better performance.

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