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In the fly flyer Messi was sent off after the red card, Ramos is very wronged, after the game he said, "I did not hit Messi." "Aspen newspaper" pointed out that Real Madrid official will Ramos this red card appeal. Local time on Tuesday, fifa coins La Liga official will discuss and decide the matter.
Ramos's red card injustice injustice Real Madrid veteran Capello clearly given his view: "look at Ramos's action, look at the flying shovel, which is in the crime, he is the penalty. Every time in the Bernabeu kick the national Derby , Real Madrid players always want to hurt Messi, this is a very obvious red card action.
This red card, is Ramos Real Madrid career 22 red card. In the national derby, fifa 18 cois Ramos has been sent off five times, accounting for almost a quarter of his red card. In the red before yesterday, Ramos had a foul on Messi's malicious foul. In the 0 to 5 defeated Nou Camp, Ramos behind the Messi swept the legs, dyed red after he pushed Puyol and Harvey.
If the red card fails, it will be the first red card of Ramos' s career, he will soon become the history of the Spanish red card king. A total of two people in the history of the Spanish had eaten 18 red cards, the two were former Sevilla defender Alfaro and former Zaragoza players Aguado.
After being sent off, Ramos attacked Pick and satirically applauded. Barcelona official confirmed that Barcelona will not sue on the matter, red and blue army will maintain a polite attitude. Barcelona will not put pressure on the official West, the Red Army only hope that the official on the matter to make a fair and fair penalty.

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