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Intellectual games are games that stimulate the brain's thinking in which players directly interact with each other without the support of any electronic devices. For example, chess, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc.
Includes games that help practice abstract thinking, geometry, and problem solving.
1. Connect 4
connect 4 is also known as the drop flag. This game is No. 1 on the list of best-selling board games on Amazon. How to play is simple: players will drop chess pieces into one of the 7 vertical rows on the board. Each row holds six fish. The person who gets four consecutive checkers in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal rows will be the winner.
2. Katamino
Katamino is a famous puzzle game around the world and was nominated for Best Children's Game in 2019. To win in Katamino, players assemble chess pieces to form squares at increasing levels. gradually. With more than 500 challenges, this is truly an indoor game that you won't get bored of playing.
3. Jisaku
Jishaku in Japanese means magnet. In the game, you must skillfully arrange the magnet stones on the table so that they do not get attracted to each other. Each player will be given the same number of stones at the beginning of the game. Whoever arranges all the stones first wins.

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