28 Sep 2022 - 14:43:17
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I was lucky: for fifteen years of my work at school as a history teacher, I can count on the fingers of one hand the students who cried because of my mark. I remember them very well, and the situation that caused such a reaction. Naturally, I immediately tried to comfort the children and said - by the way, not being cunning - that grades are not the main thing, that they know history, that they have achieved a lot and that they will always have the opportunity to improve. I hope this helped. He even said that if it is not possible to write an essay of high quality, then you need to turn to for help and then there will be a good result. They listened to me and learned how to write good written work.
Unfortunately, in my practice there were cases when a student said: "Don't give me a deuce, they will kill me at home." It seems to me that this is an occasion to immediately turn to a school psychologist.

07 Oct 2022 - 21:20:52
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This website called was a lot of fun for me. The reason for this is that the service they deliver is of exceptional quality. I'm not going back to those old haunts!

09 Oct 2022 - 21:08:41
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