28 Sep 2021 - 09:25:50
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Food banks could face empty shelves this week

Foodbanks in Wales could struggle if fuel supply problems continue, a charity group has warned.

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FareShare Cymru, which slot organises food donations to more than 150 groups, said it was facing major transport issues.

Many UK petrol stations were left dry over the weekend due to panic buying, retailers have said.

In a joint statement, 10 companies, including BP and Shell, said there was plenty of fuel at refineries and urged people to fill up as normal.

For the people who depend upon community groups and foodbanks across south Wales, FoodShare is a "lifeline", the charity said.

Made up of 18 independent organisation, it takes surplus food from across the food industry and distributes it to frontline charities such
as food banks.

"It's been a double whammy for us - transport into us with food is proving difficult and is either late or doesn't turn up, but also not having
petrol to get food out," said operations manager Gerry Molan.

"Over the last few days we're also finding it hard to fill up.

"We sent volunteers out in our six vans out on Monday to get any petrol they could and only two were able to, and one of hose was limited
to £30 worth."

Mr Molan added: "There is lots to think about, such as keeping some of the items cold in chilled vans. Those items only last so long.

30 Sep 2021 - 13:33:17
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The food bank shortage is threatening to be a significant issue in the UK this week. Last Friday, the government published details of its plans to tackle the severe shortage of food thatís seen people turn to food banks. You can check and get new casino games. As part of its plan to help cope with the crisis, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that the UK will give free food parcels to anyone who asks for them.

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