William Doo
24 Aug 2021 - 07:21:18
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Men are more rational people. If they know that they are going on a date, they also have a certain "nervous breakdown" inside, but the stronger sex is more restrained. To God forbid "not to mess up", listen to the advice:

1. Appearance. You should look neat and tidy;

2. It is best to specify all the details of the date before the appointed day. The girl should be aware of where you will go, how you will pay, etc. Of course, the man who pays himself will win the "fight". In order not to spend too much on dating, if you are still on the lookout, it is better to arrange meetings in the afternoon, in a cozy cafe where they make delicious coffee. You can eat at home, so to speak;

3. Come with flowers! You do not need to give incredible bouquets, but it is very important to come to your chosen one with a beautiful, aesthetic rose.

4. The best place to meet is a cafe. Yes, both a park and an entertainment center can be suitable. But the first date is better to spend in an atmosphere of peace, comfort and warmth.

5. Say compliments! You can't even imagine how a girl is waiting for approval from a companion. Often tell her adequate compliments. Some manage to say compliments about body parts and lose. Women do not like it when they talk aloud about their breasts or ass. It's humiliating.

And most importantly-be natural. When a man behaves like a "king" or, on the contrary, tries to hide and conceal something, it is noticeable to the female eye. Be what you are!

www icq 
24 Aug 2021 - 09:34:10
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sam robinson
24 Aug 2021 - 23:49:01
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I want to start something new because I'm so fed up with living alone. Accordingly, I sincerely hope that somebody will leave here the best way to attract girl's attention

25 Aug 2021 - 17:54:07
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