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modern life causing theslotxohuman body to gradually change without our knowledge Our feet have grown in two sizes over the past 40 years. Here's why they're bigger.

Human feet have clearly evolved. But we may be overlooked, like our backs, our teeth, and our eyes, modern life. It's changing these organs. In the last 40 years, our feet have grown by 2 sizes. Why?

500,000 years ago, humans had feet that enabled us to walk incredible distances, and to run and hunt. the arch of our feet both flexible and strong when we walk Your feet convert 15% of your body weight into the momentum to walk, but in the last 40,000 years, The shoe was invented, as we know it, because the muscle bundles contained in the fossils suddenly began to become smaller.

Since then, shoes have weakened our feet, and we move less than ever. In wealthy countries, more than 80% of the work is done in chairs. time at home There are many other activities that must be done.

wearing shoes and rarely use feet weakens the arch muscles in the feet So our feet are flat. And it seems to be getting bigger. Today, about 30% of people in wealthy countries have flat feet. It affects their posture. and cause problems at the joints and spine causing us to lack enthusiasm and deteriorating quality of life

foot stretching exercises And toe-toe may help strengthen the muscles. bring us back to use our feet in movement better

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