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A text that uses secondary sources to define, explain, and explore a theory, practice, or application of economics is known as an economics reference project. Economics research papers are common assignments in economics courses, particularly higher-level economics courses. It is likely that many undergraduates who take economics are doing so not as economics majors, but as business majors. Therefore, they are likely more accustomed to writing business texts such as case studies, masterpapers, and market analysis papers than they are used to writing research papers. Students must remember that even though economics is a central component of a business degree, economics as a discipline is a social science; therefore, economics research papers will be theoretical explorations that focus on principles of and trends in economics rather than the strictly business-focused analysis texts a student may be used to writing in his or her business classes. In other words, economics reports should be approached as philosophic and sociologic projects rather than problem-solving texts.

The writing style of an economics research paper will also be very different from the writing style a business student has used for his or her case studies and other business projects. An economics report should be a single, coherent text that presents a thesis statement in the introduction and then uses the rest of the report to support that statement. It is also likely that an economics research paper will be composed in APA style and will therefore make use of a variety of sections and subsections announced by headings. Furthermore, the writing should use elevated, academic language, since the project is reporting on and engaging the work of academic theorists.

The research used in an economics report should be strictly academic and theoretic. Such sources are typically not found in popular magazines or on the internet, but are published in scholarly peer-reviewed journals. Again, an economics research paper will often be theoretical; therefore, it is important when investigating a particular economics topic to study the sources of economic theories. It is exceptionally unlikely that such theories will be discussed in any real depth in popular journals.
Secondary sources in an economics research paper can be quoted or paraphrased. If the paperhelp review is required to be written in APA style, then paraphrasing is preferred. If not, then there should be a balance of quotes and paraphrases. Every quote or paraphrase must be introduced, explained, and commented upon such that in any given paragraph or page of the report, there are more of the student's own words than those of other sources.

Finally, every economics report should be followed by a comprehensive works cited or bibliography page so that readers can easily identify and locate the sources used in the text.

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