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It even doesnít matter if youíre a driving pro, as the drivers around you can put you in harmís way. Our fog driving guide is made to ensure youíre aware of the best practices to follow for such situations.  It's necessary to do all the checkups and services from top-rated service centers like peugeot service before the season starts.

When it gets hazy, remember to follow these tips, so you get back home safe and sound.

Turn on your low beams and fog lights.

This is the critical first step to follow when driving in fog. It seems obvious, but many people donít really heed it. Weíre conditioned to use our headlights on full when thereís low visibility. However, when itís foggy, thatís an absolute no-no.  You must turn on your low beams and your fog lights to ensure that you remain visible to other cars around you.

Reduce your speed. This is not a normal driving situation.

This is another obvious tip. Yet again, not enough people take this seriously. You must always reduce your speed to safe levels when thereís low visibility.
If the fog is too dense, it practically impairs your vision. This means you can never be slow enough. Still, by maintaining a safe speed, you mitigate the risk of getting into an accident.

Turn off cruise control.

You need complete control of your vehicle for such conditions.
Thereís low visibility. You never know what surprises lie ahead on the road. Itís best practice to have complete control of your car, and not rely on features such as cruise control.

Maintain a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you.

Along with decreased visibility comes longer braking times. This is where the increased safe distance comes in. It not only ensures your safety but that of other drivers too.

Try to minimize any distractions.

Turn off the music and keep away from your phone. All your focus should be on the road and getting back home safely.

Use the right-end of the road as a guide.

Lane discipline can be a nightmare when thereís low visibility. Itís best to stay close to the right end of your lane to counter this. This ensures that you donít drift too close to the left end and get into the other lane.

If you want to pull over, use your indicators and move as far to the side as possible.

If fog driving is too taxing for you, you may want to stop by the side. Itís absolutely vital to turning on your hazard lights once youíve stopped. You can never be too assured that people can see you stopped at the side, so try your best to move as far away from the road as possible.

Take proper care of your car to avoid surprise breakdowns in the fog.

The only thing worse than driving in the fog is dealing with a car breakdown in the mist. Taking proper care of your vehicle by following routine service schedules is the best way to ensure its top condition.

Moreover, itís a good idea to ensure your fog lights are working correctly, so you can put them to use in such situations.

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Everyone has a different driving situation and I hope these tips help them out well. I got some service work too which help me to handle many things in recent times.

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Thank you for sharing these tips with us. No doubt driving the car is a dangerous. After reading this I have followed these tips. And never face any issue related to the accidents or other injuries and now users can check blog articles for vin check Honda. I am going to share it with my friends also to keep them safe.

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