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Online dating has become a major way of meeting people in the 21st century. These websites have made it easy for people to find a significant other based on their online profile. However, dating someone through a phone or computer comes with a lot of risks. Follow these tips to ensure that you are being safe online.

Always trust your instincts.
Take your time and look at lots of different profiles to get a feel for what kind of person you want.
Never publish your phone number or email address.
Don't take anything at face value. It's easy to lie online, and many people do.
Ask a lot of questions when chatting with your potential mates.
If someone is abusive or rude, block them immediately.
Don't give your home or work address to anyone you have not met in person.
Before agreeing to a date, make sure you know as much about the other person as possible.
Don't allow yourself to be talked into anything. You're the one in charge.
Take your time to get to know someone. Don't be rushed. A patient person will be happy to wait until you are ready to meet.
Make sure anyone you're talking to is willing to provide photos and information about himself or herself.
Chat on the phone for a while before arranging a date.
Always meet in a well-lit public place.
Always tell a good friend where you are going and who you're meeting.
If possible, step away and call a friend during the date to confirm that you are safe.
Always carry a cell phone on a date.
Always make your own travel arrangements to/from a first date.
Do not accept a ride home on the first date or reveal your address.
If you're traveling far, always make and confirm your own hotel arrangements.
Keep your first date to a specified time limit so you always have an "exit" point.
Never feel like you owe it to someone to meet them.

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