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Marketers know that users conduct their research online on various websites. And they all develop their particular marketing strategies so that their website is the place where users land .
How do they do that? This is where inbound marketing and marketing automation come into play. In recent years, you have heard a lot about inbound marketing, content marketing, and even marketing automation.
Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like smart city lahore.
All these disciplines are related to each other, and even a good digital marketing strategy should apply these techniques in a related and connected way . And that is what happens with Inbound marketing and marketing automation.
While these terms are intermingled with each other, they do not mean the same thing. Both feed into each other but it is essential first to understand each one separately in order to understand how they affect each other.
Differences between inbound marketing and marketing automation

Simply put, inbound marketing can be defined as an online marketing strategy to attract customers through original content, social media, and search engine optimization.
It is different from traditional marketing techniques in that it focuses on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and useful to potential customers. Forget about interrupting the user with banners that fill the entire screen.
Inbound marketing techniques are developed in spaces such as blogs, search engines and social networks. Places where content designed to respond to the concerns and needs of the brand's buyer persona is developed.
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While inbound marketing refers to a marketing strategy as a whole, marketing automation has to do with automating processes thanks to different software platforms. These tools replace repetitive manual processes with automated solutions .
Marketing Automation as part of the Inbound Marketing strategy
Some of the automatable tasks are sending emails, scheduling posts on social media, or setting blog posting times. The creation of marketing automation workflows is essential to improve these tasks.
Marketing automation software thus serves to plan, organize, optimize, execute and analyze parts of your digital marketing strategy. Today, applying marketing automation strategies is an absolute non-negotiable requirement to run an effective inbound marketing program.
Automation has become an increasingly popular method of handling online marketing and all of its current trends. Also, its relevance will increase in the future. The earliest forms of automation software were simple, allowing marketers to handle tedious tasks automatically.
Now, however, automation is becoming much more sophisticated. Some people love marketing automation because it is pure technology. But there are also those who avoid it because they believe that it is unnecessarily mechanized.
How do Inbound marketing and marketing automation complement each other?

Do you know how to manage Inbound marketing and marketing automation strategies so that they feedback each other? Marketing automation aims to help brands execute their digital marketing and inbound marketing actions in a more agile and efficient way.
One of the main objectives of inbound marketing is to attract qualified leads to obtain a high conversion rate in the future. In this sense, the marketing automation process is given through techniques that also have the objective of attracting leads, also key for inbound marketing.
Automating tasks will allow you to perform inbound marketing techniques more easily. Lead scoring and lead nurturing are by themselves tasks that are difficult to carry out manually. Especially when the number of leads is high.
That is why marketing automation tools are perfect in this regard. And that's why Inbound marketing and marketing automation go perfectly together. These are some specific applications of marketing automation:
1.- Organization of tasks
When you have countless tasks to do, monitoring, control and monitoring tend to take a back seat. Keeping track of things can be difficult, so automating your calendars, schedules and tasks can help you keep better control.
Applications that automatically add items to your calendar will make your life easier. You can also use marketing automation to automatically assign tasks to multiple members of your team.
And you can monitor your campaigns automatically. In this way, you will obtain data in real time that will help you determine if what you are doing is working for you or not.
2.- Lead Nurturing

It is known as lead nurturing the process by which contact with leads is maintained , generally in an automated way, encouraging their possible conversion into customers with relevant content. The lead nurturing process is fundamentally based on the use of email. Some of these messages are:
Welcome email . Automating this task will allow you to send a welcome email to new users who have just subscribed. As soon as you fill in the corresponding form, it is interesting to send an email to the user.
Email with a personalized offer to encourage the purchase.
General emails with content of interest . A good email automation strategy includes creating general messages that keep the customer connected. From time to time emails should be sent according to the actions of each user. In these emails the value proposition of your product should be shown regularly.
When a purchase is made:
Thank you email. It usually includes specific gifts such as discounts on future purchases, exclusive content or incentives to keep shopping.
Loyalty email chain. A few days after making the purchase requesting feedback. These emails must come up in a temporary chain. For example, 3 days after receiving the purchase, a week, a month, a quarter, ...
Abandoned cart emails , as seen in the image above. Emails can be sent to remember that a user has the cart abandoned. Add a discount to encourage the purchase.
3.- Lead Scoring

Most lead generation software can help you optimize your campaign. Among other things, making recommendations on how to create forms, what information to request and how to attract higher quality traffic.
Some tools even allow you to know the quality of that lead. Thus avoiding many hours of work. These types of automations are perfect for inbound marketing. And it can dramatically improve the performance of your team.
What shouldn't you automate?
However, there are elements that it would be better not to automate. For example:
Creativity and ingenuity . Automation is not yet at a level to generate truly creative ideas. It can only imitate what already exists. For that reason, there are still many years to go before automating content marketing. To create new marketing concepts, advertising ideas, and creative pieces of content, keep relying on people.
The personal touch . People still prefer talking to other people, rather than corporate branding, bot accounts, or other types of automation. For that reason, you still need to have personal representatives at every stage of customer interaction, even on digital platforms like social media. That personal and human touch does a lot to ensure brand loyalty. And, for now, it cannot be mimicked by automated algorithms.
Excessive costs (if you're not careful) : You'll typically pay a monthly subscription to each automation service provider you use. These costs can be somewhat excessive. You have to measure the impact and determine if it is worth it.
Without a doubt, there are some serious advantages to using marketing automation tools, but only if you know how to do it. Choose the best software for your brand. Measure your effectiveness and apply the necessary automations.
MDirector, a good software to automate your marketing

MDirector Marketing Automation is a professional marketing automation software with which you can automate a series of tasks that are interesting for your inbound marketing strategy.
With this tool it is possible to automate a series of specific messages through any of the channels that you have implemented in the MDirector digital marketing platform . This multi-channel is activated in one of the following 3 ways:
1. Based on a specific date.
2. Starting from a certain behavior of a subscriber.
3. In response to an event.
Like many of the marketing automation platforms, MDirector generates workflows that relate the following elements:
Scenarios : These are the routes through which you can make your contacts go through. As a brand, you can intervene at any time in the process.
Entry Points : These are the different ways in which a contact enters a scenario. It is the first thing you must indicate when creating it.
Actions : These are the tasks that are performed based on the defined entry points.
Conditions : They allow you to make decisions based on the subscriber's interaction with what happens within your emails or other channels.
Using software will be perfect to help you with your strategy. Trust your Inbound Marketing strategy in Antevenio and we will turn your potential clients into enthusiastic prescribers of your products. The Inbound marketing and marketing automation binomial will work perfectly in your strategy.

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