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55% and 60% of the population of the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively, are looking for a home online. In Mexico the number is still very small.

<a href="">blue world city</a> carried out the presentation of its first events of the year: the Real Estate Awards and the Great Real Estate Event, which seek to promote the development and training of the union.
Two events specially created for the real estate union
The Real Estate Awards will take place on March 15 in the faisal hills of the CDMX. Its objective is to recognize the best of said industry in Mexico under the categories agents, companies and services. 11 categories will be awarded: Best Real Estate Office, Real Estate Woman of the Year, Real Estate Man of the Year, Best International Agent, Best Specialized Reporter, Best Specialized Media, Best Real Estate Franchise, Best Mortgage Service, Best Real Estate Support, Best Real Estate CRM and Best educational center serving the real estate sector.
On the other hand, ichs town islamabad, in alliance with Legal Global Consulting , created the Great Real Estate Event to offer knowledge to the union in six main areas:
• Personal branding
• Personal development
• Real estate training and coaching
• Digital tools
• Neuro-sales applied to the real estate world
• Sales
The cities to be visited are Puebla, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Later, Aguascalientes, Cancún, Guanajuato, Mazatlán, Mérida, Querétaro, Tijuana and Veracruz.
The first event that will take place in Puebla will be next Tuesday, March 6 at the Hotel Camino Real. The venue for the second will be Monterrey , at the Fiesta Inn park view city hotel.
The Mexican real estate sector in numbers
Within this framework, Mariano Balcarce, director of business development for Vivanuncios, released relevant figures from the real estate sector in Mexico. He indicated that said classified ad site has 12% reach of the entire population that uses the internet in Mexico, which amounts to 63 million people, according to comScore.
"At Vivanuncios we reach more than 20 million Mexicans every month and we have 7.1 million unique visitors," he said.
According to the executive, the growth potential is immense, since the concept of real estate hardly has a penetration in Mexico of four million monthly users, which generate 50 million searches in that period. That is, more than 10 sessions per month searching for a property on various digital sites. The states with the most searches are Mexico City, Mexico State, Jalisco, Puebla, Nuevo León and Querétaro.
However, these numbers are very low when compared to the penetration that exists in other countries. While in Mexico, 5% of internet users search for a house or apartment online, 10% do so in Colombia; 12% in Argentina; 20% in Spain; 42% in Germany; 55% in the United States and 60% in the United Kingdom.
On the other hand, Mariano Balcarce highlighted that, of the 50 million online searches for properties nationwide, 60% are for houses or apartments for rent and 40% for properties for sale. Users who want to rent have an age range of 25 to 34 years, while potential home buyers range from 35 to 44 years old.

Finally, Vivanuncios reported that the search for properties for sale is led by women with 55% of the traffic in this activity. When it comes to renting a home, internet browsing is divided equally between men and women.
Although in recent years there has been progress in terms of internet access, this is still far from that of other countries, especially in the more developed ones. The challenges are many and need to be addressed to continue the evolution of the digital real estate sector.
“The democratization of the internet and the high costs of unlimited data plans in Mexico are two of the main challenges to overcome. It is possible that in five years or less, given the way technology moves, there will be important advances in this regard. There is already a worldwide movement to democratize the internet, companies like Google and Facebook are working on it, it is a fact that digital as a business model will continue to rise. Hence, agents, developers and real estate agents need to understand that those who go digital will dominate the market. Technology has come to optimize their activities, saving them time that they can dedicate to reinforcing the personal relationship with their clients that are the most important,

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