04 Nov 2022 - 05:55:10
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Two Belgian activists recently raided the museum. and harassment by targeting Vermeer's famous paintings. just received a sentence

Following the events of two168slotxo.infoBelgian activists has invaded the Maurice House Museum of The Hague. The Netherlands on Oct. 27, then one of the two activists tried to glue their heads to Vermeer's famous painting 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'. dutch master artist Another person glued his palm to the wall near the painting, followed by pouring red liquid over the body. But the World Heritage-class paintings were not damaged. Because the safety glass is already installed to protect the image.

After the two were arrested and taken to court in the Netherlands. to the trial was sentenced A team of state prosecutors offered them four months in prison and two months of probation, but the judges disagreed. by reasoning that They don't want to undermine the morale of those who want to express themselves by protesting what they see as inaccurate. They were given a two-month prison term and a month's probation.

The two accused were sent to trial and sentenced through the Dutch court's 'highway' system. They were accused of Destroying property and committing violence against works of art in front of others As for the third activist who was also arrested Refusing to go to the expedited trial therefore have to wait to go to court tomorrow (4 Nov 2022)

The three accused rioted to demand the cessation of fuel. They are members of the climate change campaign group 'Just Stop Oil Belgium', which has nothing to do with the 'Just Stop Oil Britiain' group that caused chaos in mid-October. England by throwing tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh's famous painting 'Sunflowers', who is also a Dutch artist.

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