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Russian court begins trial forxoAmerican basketball player Britney Greiner sentenced to nine years in prison for drug possession

25 October 2022, the AP reported that Greiner, a Phoenix Mercury player, was convicted on August 4 after police revealed a can of cannabis oil was found in her suitcase. at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow

Greiner attended the trial at the Moscow Regional Court via video call from a probate outside Moscow where she was detained.

Greiner's arrest in February It comes at a time of growing tensions between Russia and the US. It was only a few days before Russia sent troops into Ukraine. At that time, Greiner was returning to Russia. During the break in the United States

Greiner admitted she had a container of cannabis oil in her suitcase. but testified that she accidentally put it in her purse hastily and she has no criminal intent. Her team of lawyers read her written statement: She was prescribed marijuana to treat her pain.

The nine-year prison sentence is nearly the maximum, at 10, and Greiner's lawyers argued after the verdict was too high. They also refer to similar cases as Defendants receive an average sentence of about five years in prison, and about a third receive parole.

before she was punished US Department of State reported that Greiner was right "Illegal detention," an allegation Russia has denied. It reflects the growing pressure on Joe Biden's management to do more to bring Greiner home.

While "Anthony Blingen" US Secretary of State It went public in July that the United States had made a "significant offer" to bring Greiner home, along with American Paul Whelan, who was serving a 16-year prison sentence in Russia for espionage.

Blingen did not elaborate. But the AP and other news outlets have reported that the United States has offered to trade Greiner and Whelan with Russian arms dealer Victor Bout, serving a 25-year prison sentence in the United States. "The Merchant of Death"

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