25 Oct 2022 - 07:43:23
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Indonesia bans the sale of allเกมสล็อตliquid medicines After linking 99 children with kidney failure to death
The BBC reported on October 20 that Indonesia has temporarily suspended the sale and distribution of all liquid medicines. Authorities later discovered a substance linked to acute renal failure in some liquid medicines. This has resulted in reports of acute renal failure in nearly 200 children, most of whom are under the age of five, and 99 children have died from the condition this year, the incident occurred just weeks after the incident. Up to 70 children have died in the Gambia from the same symptoms.

In line with the World Health Organization's announcement earlier this month that There was a link between four cough and cold medicines made by Maiden. Pharmaceuticals Indian drug companies have accounted for 70 child deaths in the Gambia, the World Health Organization says. The registered drugs contained the harmful levels of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol. and is highly linked to acute renal failure.

Indo health officials said. The ingredient was found in locally available liquid medicines across the country, while Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said some of the drugs used by pediatric acute renal failure patients have been found to be ineffective. It was found to contain diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol. which is an additive that should not be in the drug

Sadikin did not disclose how many cases were linked to the contaminated water. In addition, the Indonesian authorities have not clearly identified the brand or type of liquid medicine associated with children with acute renal failure. But there are reports that the cough syrup used in the Gambia is not available in Indonesia at all.

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