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Rishi Sunak, former Financexo walletMinister Approaching making history as the first Indian politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Mr Boris Johnson withdrew from the ruling party leader

Foreign news agencies reported from London. United Kingdom on Oct. 24 that Mr. Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Announced on Sunday Confirmed support for at least 102 votes from members of the Conservative Party's House of Commons. This is a great starting point for a return to duty on Downing Street.

However, Johnson implied that As long as within the Conservative Party there is not enough unity. There is no way the UK government can run it effectively. Therefore, the situation at present "It's not the right time" for him to rejoin Downing Street after resigning in early July over conflicts within the ruling party.

Johnson's withdrawal This is an added opportunity for Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister in Johnson's government. to step up to the position of the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom And will make history as the first government leader of Indian descent as well.

Even conservative party rules stipulate which candidates want to enter the finals. To decide by online vote from about 180,000 Conservative Party members across the country, at least 100 members of the House of Commons must be gathered in support of the House of Commons by Monday, Oct. 24. that collects more than 100 sounds within the specified period That person could automatically ascend to a position, and Sunak had now collected at least 150 voices.

Whoever the next head of the UK government will be To succeed Liz Truss, who served only 45 days and resigned last week. Managing the economic situation is a national agenda. that the new government must act as quickly as possible and must be effective The country's economy, which is the largest in Europe. are on the path of entering a recession. With inflation still above 10%, it puts a lot of pressure on people's daily lives.

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