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Russia reiteratesSLOTXOits refusal to endorse a draft review of nuclear non-proliferation treaty pointed out that many member countries have a disagreement

On August 29, 2022, The Hindu reported that although the UN parties discussed for more than four weeks to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), eventually 'Igor Vishnevetsky ' Deputy Director of the Department of Arms Control and Reduction Russian Foreign Ministry It confirmed on August 27, 2022 that Russia would not vote on a draft review of the NPT treaty because representatives of several member states had the opinion. 'Unanimous'

The rejection of the draft review of the NPT came after Russian troops led a war in Ukraine and seized Europe's largest nuclear power plant. This led many countries to fear that this stance could lead to nuclear tensions. to have a broad impact

A review of the NPT treaty is normally conducted every five years to allow discussions among the UN contracting parties to the treaty. and decided that the conditions of control should be modified Or supervise the possession of nuclear weapons around the world?

But the last meeting was held in 2015, while the meeting, which was supposed to be held in 2020, was postponed to this year. because of the epidemic situation of COVID-19 before

Gustavo Slauvinen, Argentina's permanent ambassador to the United Nations. The NPT, who chaired the NPT draft review meeting, confirmed that representatives and stakeholders involved in this year's draft review have done their best. to make progress and vote smoothly

But when Russia refused to approve the draft review It's still in a time when the world is full of more conflicts. It should be borne in mind that the risk of nuclear war also increases.

About 13,080 nuclear warheads are stockpiled around the world, down from a record 64,099 recorded in 1986. But the country with the most nuclear warheads now is Russia. There are 6,257 warheads in total.

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