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Dutch students running thexo walletonline gambling game industry
From online slots games 'killing time' to big money making games industry. invent “Carbon-eating electric cars”
Even electric sports cars from the Netherlands It is similar to BMW's coupe. But it has a special character. because they can trap more carbon than they release.

Reuters Report from the city of Eindhoven. The Netherlands on September 15 that Mr. Jens Lahaier, Finance Manager of the TU / Ecomotive Group. A team of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology who built the car said their final goal was to Building a more sustainable future

Lahaije added, Dubbed "ZEM", which stands for "zero emission mobility", the car has two seats and a lithium-ion battery pack. of Cleantron Plus, most of the car's parts are made from recycled plastic using a 3D printer.

Their goal is to reduce carbon dioxide. released during the full service life of the vehicle since production to recycling

In addition, ZEM electric vehicles also used 2 filters, which the team estimates It can capture up to 2 kg of CO2 over a 20,000 mile drive, and they expect It will be possible to clear filters at electric vehicle charging stations in the future.

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