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Twenty yearsSLOTXOago, Headley Thomas walked out of a Sydney police station feeling suspicious.

Few had ever heard of Lynette Dawson, a mother of two who disappeared without a trace in 1982.

But his hunt for the truth in this unsolved case has made Lynette Dawson's name known throughout Australia. This led to her husband Chris Dawson being found guilty of murdering her.

Mr Thomas said he felt Ms Dawson's story was unfair from the start.

“A young mother who devoted herself to her daughter was accused of ignoring her children and ran away from home. … while her husband had an affair with a schoolgirl half the age of his wife,” he said in an interview with Australian television network Seven.

The deeper Mr. Thomas digs The more he became more and more suspicious.

Mrs. Dawson disappeared from the house with only a few clothes. no luggage decorations or even contact lenses with you

She had no job, no car, or even money when she disappeared.

“This is the most ironic thing … people today can see it clearly,” Thomas told Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

On August 30, 2022, 40 years after Mrs. Dawson disappeared. Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales foresee this fact

Mrs Dawson's body was never found. And the trial was purely based on circumstantial evidence.

But Judge Ian Harrison ruled that Chris Dawson had murdered his wife. Motivated by a passion for nanny. which is a female student at the school where he teaches

Although Mr Thomas had heard about Dawson's disappearance since 2001, he did not begin digging into the truth until 15 years later.

At that time, two investigations by forensic officials suggested a murder charge against a prime suspect in the case, Mr Dawson, was launched. But the prosecutor decided not to file a lawsuit. by claiming that there is not enough evidence to prosecute

Mr Thomas began to talk to the people around Mrs Dawson. Both friends, family and neighbors. including female students hired by their families as nannies. who later became Mr. Dawson's second wife. and was referred to on behalf of "JC" for legal reasons.

He also interviewed several senior police officers on the investigative team, including the then NSW Police Commissioner-General. including a forensic doctor who presided over the investigation of this case.

The podcast Mr Thomas produced for The Australian newspaper, The Teacher's Pet, tells the story of Mr Dawson's affair with a schoolgirl. and allegations that he physically abused his wife as well as allegations that he hired people to kill her.

It also exposed Mr Dawson's mismatched testimony. as well as presenting a picture of him as a murderer And there was speculation about the method he used to dispose of his wife's body.

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