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China's July3k autoexports grew 18%, pushing China's trade surplus to a record $101 billion. while domestic purchasing power has not recovered.

On August 8, 2022, China's customs authority revealed July 2022 exports grew 18.0 percent from 2021, higher than June's 17.9% growth and beyond analysts' estimates of 15.0 percent growth. In July, imports grew 2.3 percent, resulting in a record trade surplus of 101.26 billion US dollars.

The export sector is still one of the few engines of China's economic growth that continues to grow in 2022 amid the COVID-19 lockdown. causing domestic demand to remain sluggish including the crisis in the real estate sector But China's exports benefit from inflation that increases export value.

Including the trend of rising inflation continuously Make pre-orders available to European and US customers. to ensure a lower product cost

An analyst at the Zhixin Investment Research Institute said the growth in exports was mainly driven by price factors. But exports declined in July, while Chinese imports in July were weaker than expected, indicating that Chinese demand has not yet recovered. This gave China a record trade surplus of $101.26 billion, above analysts' estimates of $90 billion.

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