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The Moscow government confirmed thatslotxo168Two American mercenaries detained in Ukraine "Be responsible for the crimes committed"

Foreign news agencies reported from Moscow. Russia on June 21 that many media cases in the United States reported that The Russian army in Ukraine has detained at least two American mercenaries, 27-year-old Andy Wang and 39-year-old Alexander Druki.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pesckdov said the two U.S. citizens were "voluntary" to get involved in. "Illegal activities" in Ukraine, so both parties are responsible for the "crimes" they committed together. by entering the formal investigation process and reiterating that Both Americans are not covered by the Geneva Conventions. because it is not a soldier under the Ukrainian Army

Peskov's comments regarded as "Officially confirmed" by the Moscow government per the report released Although it is not very clear Since when and when did Drukke travel to Ukraine? And where does detention take place in Ukraine?

The State Department in Washington maintained its stance. by simply saying The Washington government has confirmed the death of 52-year-old US citizen Stephen Zabilski, who was fighting in the Ukraine on May 15. In the past..

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