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White discharge may be another problem that every woman is worried about. And it is also a problem that may not dare to consult with anyone, even a doctor because of shyness. But abnormal vaginal discharge can be a sign of danger to the reproductive system.
Leucorrhoea, or leucorrhoea, is fluid coming out of the vagina. It comes from the inner wall of the vagina lined with mucosal-like cells that line the mouth and nose. by the body excreted through the vagina

Is white discharge normal?
It is normal for all women to have vaginal discharge. Children may be small. When it comes to the onset of menstruation vaginal discharge will be more and have a suitable amount until the elderly Then the volume decreased to almost none. Some periods may have vaginal discharge than usual, such as during pregnancy, when sexual stimulation after sexual activity or when using certain birth control pills, etc.

benefits of vaginal discharge
The vaginal discharge helps to lubricate the vagina not to dry out.
White discharge helps drive foreign bodies
white discharge disinfection
White discharge helps to adjust the pH condition. in the vagina to balance
What is normal white discharge?
Vaginal discharge that is usually odorless or may have a slightly fishy smell In the middle of your cycle (around the 14th day of your cycle) is near the time of ovulation. The mucus in the vagina is clear. and a large quantity At other times, the slime will thicken. opaque white like a paste

However, the amount of mucus in the vagina depends on each person.

Normal vaginal discharge usually has no other abnormal symptoms, such as burning or itching in the vagina. and often disappears on its own without any treatment

What is abnormal white discharge?
White discharge with abnormally large amount of mucus in the vagina along with itching. or burning pain
white discharge with an unusual foul odor
The white discharge is present for a long time and does not go away on its own.
The vaginal discharge has a strange color and odor, not white, not slightly yellowish white. or vaginal discharge with blood and foam
milk-like white discharge or papaya rubber sometimes lump often very itchy with a rash redness or swelling around the vulva

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