29 Apr 2022 - 06:56:17
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Bloomberg News, a US mediaSLOTXOoutlet, made a mistake reporting a headline on its website that Russia had invaded Ukraine on Friday afternoon, but the facts are no action has been taken. The experts noted that it was a very bizarre mistake.

"Live: Russia invades Ukraine," a shocking headline appeared on the Bloomberg website's homepage at 4 p.m. (local time).

In a post on social media, Russian analyst Olga Lautman said the headline appeared on Bloomberg's website for about 30 minutes.

The incident took place as Russia deployed hundreds of thousands of troops along the border with Ukraine. and US officials warned that there is a possibility of Russian invasion, however, after Internet users who clicked on the news It returns that the page has an error (error page).

I went to the website and saw breaking news. But know that it's not true because I am in contact with Ukraine and would be the first who knows this," Lautman told the New York Post. It was a very strange and huge mistake. Considering that this was the possibility of a massive invasion and everyone was terrified.

Later, Bloomberg clarified through the New York Post that They accidentally posted a pre-written headline. We have prepared headlines in a variety of cases. And one of them was an accidental headline published at 4pm ET today (matching Thailand 4am Saturday) on our website."

"We deeply regret this mistake," a Bloomberg News spokesman wrote in an email. "The headline has been removed and we are investigating the cause."

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