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an elderly couple believe often find on your site's promotional pages is the word Sign Upxo walletGet Free Spins Bonus. Free spins is another word combination of bonuses. That's not the amount we can play directly. But in theory, free spins are like bonuses that you can play for free, so you can get the most out of them. Of course, just like any other free bonus. that it was a real son Killing knife inside a villa in Pahang state Malaysia On Monday (October 4), preliminary reasons were expected to be caused by quarrels over religious and sacred issues.

Bernama news agency report Citing information from the deputy commissioner of the Pahang Police It said the incident happened at 10:30 p.m., after the 31-year-old suspect spoke with his mother, 68 and 64, respectively.

The police said The son talked to his father and mother on various issues. about religion and sacred matters and before the incident The suspect's mother walked into another room. Release the suspect and the father which operates as a security officer live alone

The suspect saw that his father was furious and had green eyes. and seemingly wanting to hurt him So went to another room and came back with a parang knife. before slashing and stabbing his father in the head and shoulder

"As soon as I heard the sound The suspect's mother rushes in to help her husband. But the suspect attacked her on the neck and head," police said, adding that the woman ran away from home. but fell near the fence wall

The suspect fled the house in a blood-stained body. But in the end, the villagers managed to capture them. before handing over to the police

The bodies of the two husbands were taken to the hospital. to perform an autopsy The suspect had a positive drug test in his body. and will be under custody for 7 days as part of an investigation under the Criminal Code.

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