08 Apr 2022 - 06:24:58
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Business giants during theSLOTSuper Bowl What people are watching before and after the race is the “advertisements” that companies are investing in to catch the eye and captivate audiences.

The AP news agency reports that the advertising flows for the game of the US sports giant - the 56th Super Bowl, where the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals to be mainstream. It depends on the selection of celebrities and nostalgia content or nostalgia for the past. This was followed by the investment of the crypto business.

Overview of ads during this year's Super Bowl intense competition Advertisers spent $7 million, or about 230 million baht, to buy a 30-second airtime ad during the event, hoping to catch the eye of 100 million viewers who follow the event.

Tim Calkins, Marketing Lecturer Northwestern University said that advertising during the race. The Super Bowl was positive, exhilarating, with most no mention of the coronavirus pandemic or masks.

Kimberly Whitler, Marketing Lecturer University of Virginia It said this was the most compelling ad I'd seen in years. Most of the ads offer lighthearted entertainment.

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