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A plastic surgery clinic inxo walletChina advertises to attract customers in shocking ways. A female model cuts out the breasts done with the clinic for a review. hoping to prove meticulous work But the results turned out in the opposite direction. heavily criticized Plus, they're being prosecuted by the authorities as well.

News reports stated that A plastic surgery and beauty clinic in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China, conducted a live product review in the middle of last month. during the live The female MC asked the models to take off their shirts to show the audience the breasts that were augmented with the beauty clinic.

but for the audience to see each other clearly The young model does more than that. She decided to take out her breasts from her underwear. by covering the cork by hand Makes the sound in the live room very loud Before the young model put the breasts back into the bra as before

This live broadcast caught the attention of a large number of people. and after the young model took out the chest to show More than 130,000 netizens rushed to watch the live broadcast immediately. But some saw it as inappropriate and asked authorities to investigate the matter.

The latest news report states that Government officials have concluded that the live broadcast was classified as disseminating obscene and obscene information. and prepare legal action according to Article 44 of China's Public Security Administration Punishment Law. or intentionally naked in public has the right to detention for 5-10 days and 10-15 days in extreme cases.

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