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On March 4, 2022, AFPSLOTXOnews agency reported that Mr. Lindsey Graham of the Republican Party. Said to comment during the entry of Sean Hannity on Fox News, the right-line media of the United States that the way to end the war in Ukraine. is to have Russians assassinated President Vladimir Putin

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What are the dangers of sharing a photo of a corpse? Anna blames the person who posted the watermelon sketch.
Biography Panida Mae Watermelon Nida is a beautiful former model and TV drama actress.
Graham asks, Is there Brutus in Russia? referring to historical figure Marcus Junius Brutus (Brutus), the assassination leader of Julius Caesar, the mighty general of the Empire. Roman

Senator Sai Hawk also gave another example. It was a German soldier who tried to bomb Adolf Hitler in 1944, but failed. Will you do it for your country, for the world, with this great mission?

Senator Graham has been a member of Congress for more than 20 years, during which time he was close to former President Donald Trump. Previously, it had proposed to issue a resolution condemning the President of Russia. Russian Army Leader war crime base and crimes against humanity

So far, Ukrainian authorities say at least 350 civilians have been killed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and more than a million people have fled the country.

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