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"Yawn" when people around you always say that you slept late last night? Not enough sleep lately? Or if we're sitting and talking, we yawn. Might be told that I'm bored? In fact, what's the reason for our bodies telling us to yawn? And if we yawn too often in a day, will it be abnormal or not? Sanook Health has an answer from the Department of Mental Health. Ministry of Health to leave each other.

Why do we "yawn"?
Yawning is one of the mechanisms the body needs to take oxygen from the air into the bloodstream. At the same time, it helps to drive carbon dioxide in the blood. to maintain the balance of the body Yawning only occurs when our body does not have enough oxygen. or having too much carbon dioxide in the blood until causing drowsiness, loneliness, and yawning up there

How much is "yawning" to be called "yawning often"?
Frequent yawning is a yawn that occurs frequently more than once per minute, and although the most common cause of yawning may be from lethargy. or exhaustion But at times, the yawn is so unusual. It could be the result of these reasons.

insufficient sleep
insufficient sleep can cause daytime sleepiness Even though it doesn't seem that serious but may affect the immune system It also poses a risk of developing serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease or depression, etc. However, try to check yourself, if so, adjust your sleeping habits and set a new sleep schedule.

can not sleep
Insomnia is a symptom in which the body feels the urge to sleep. but can't sleep It may take longer than usual. Fall asleep but wake up early or waking up in the middle of the night and unable to sleep any longer make the body feel weak incomplete rest Therefore, you should go to bed at a time for your body to get used to it. and should refrain from beverages containing brain-stimulating substances such as caffeine contained in tea, coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. But if you want to drink, you should choose to drink before 2 pm because if you drink after 2 pm, it may cause the body to have insomnia problem If you have frequent insomnia, you should see your doctor.

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