03 Mar 2022 - 22:03:42
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I now notice that almost all stores, companies have mobile applications, is it really very important now? What are the features of mobile applications? Can they completely replace web development?

08 Mar 2022 - 10:59:01
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Of course, this is very important now and convenient. As practice shows, very frequent customers are representatives of the service market: cosmetology and hairdressing salons, fitness clubs, restaurants and other catering representatives, entertainment from cinema to quests, taxis, etc. Large online stores also benefit from such web development. The functionality allows not only to learn about a service or product, but also to order it from a mobile phone, sign up, buy, book. The main difference from the site is that the connection between the pages of the resource occurs through hyperlinks. The application works independently - not in the browser. And if for the site the main thing is information content, then for a mobile application it is functionality.

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