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HANOI - Myanmar's ToSLOTXOinvest or invest money in spinning Players should determine how much we twist or spin in the eye. military junta has threatened to jail anti-coup protesters who participated in the campaign. "Silent strike" on Tuesday (Feb. 1), the one-year anniversary of the military's seizure of power. while the United States, Britain and Canada announced new sanctions.

Burma has been in chaos since Aung San Suu Kyi and the rest of the members of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party has been raided for cheating in the 2020 NLD victory.

The overthrow of Suu Kyi's government led to massive street protests last year. and security forces slaughtered hundreds of opposers. And it was the beginning of the People's Defense Force to fight against a fully armed army.

Activists have urged people to stay away from homes and shops in recent days. closed on Tuesday

An activist who hoped The silent strike sent a message to the junta, saying they could be arrested and, if lucky, in prison. or be tortured and killed if unlucky

Myanmar's state media reported that junta leader Min Aung Hlaing An announcement on Monday extended the state of emergency for another six months to facilitate the promised elections. He added that it is necessary to formulate a suitable approach to achieve true multi-party democracy.

A report released by the Global New Light of Myanmar also said Min Aung Hlaing referred to the threat from internal and external saboteurs. as well as the attacks and destruction of terrorists.

The newspaper, which is owned by the government, stated that The junta will try to hold new elections once the situation is peaceful and stable. without specifying the exact date

in the northern city of Myitkyina The Burma Army has released a picture warning people not to join the silent protests. Otherwise, they face up to 20 years in prison, while images on social media on Tuesday showed mostly deserted streets. in Yangon Protest leaders publish photos of small protesters pouring red on the streets.

The outcome of the call for people across the country to join the protest is unclear. The Irrawaddy Times reported that At least four people have been arrested in Pathein over calls on social media for a quiet protest.

Ahead of the anniversary of the coup in Burma, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierres urged the junta to allow more access to humanitarian aid.

Burma's junta accuses the UN of bias and meddling and refusing to succumb to international pressure despite the retreat from Burma. and despite being sanctioned Most recently, on Monday the United States, Britain and Canada announced additional blacklists linked to the Burma junta.

for general Burmese since the coup Living a very difficult life in a withering economy There are frequent power cuts and internet usage restrictions. They are also afraid that they will be arrested.

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