Met Certos
27 Aug 2021 - 16:47:56
11 Posts
We are a small ecommerce company and sell our products online throughout the nation. We believe that the time to scale is now, and as a result, we are looking at different things that we can do to improve the UX. We realize that our load times are slow, and we want to bring them improve. We are working on onpage optimization and database management, but someone recommended making the switch to cloud hosting Is that a viable choice?

Bill Memerik
27 Aug 2021 - 16:48:36
8 Posts
I thought for a very long time what needs to be done to make my page on the Internet popular. Friends advised me to just buy reviews from , because it's not that expensive and it works. They said that positive opinions are an effective tool for building the reputation a company needs. They inspire confidence among potential buyers, form a positive attitude towards the brand and lead to a gradual increase in the company's profits. Now I'm waiting for the result, although a month has passed and the site traffic has already increased

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