Met Certos
06 Jul 2021 - 12:32:08
10 Posts
if you want your car to be just as impeccable I do know how with out spending thousands.


Wash your car well with dawn dish soap (strips old wax dirt and lots of crud)

after washing use chemical guys heavy clay bar with optimum spray n wash as lube.

After claying car use a dual action buffer with a soft polishing pad and 3MS finest polish and polish your entire vehicles paint.

after buffing wash your car one more time using dawn dish soap to strip the crud from the clay off of your paint.

seal your car with menzernas jesscar beeswax polymer paint sealant.

wait two days sprayn wash your car and wax your car with chemical guys butter wet wax.

After that only wash your car with wax free soaps seal it with jesscar every 3 months and wax it with butter wet wax monthly and spend 5 minutes a week sprayn washing your car just wiping it down

if you do all of this you will keep your car glowing and very well maintained using the highest end products.

Do understand with Jess car butterwet wax and optimum spray n wash less is more.

hope this helps,

Bill Memerik
30 Jul 2021 - 09:54:51
7 Posts
I take care of my own car. I don't trust car washes, I think they scratch the paint on the car. By the way, I recently started using ceramic coating for cars and I really like the effect. Before that, I used wax, but I read that ceramics are better.

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