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The luxurious 100-seat Poker Room provides the perfect location to enjoy the world’s fastest growing game in a fun and exciting environment with a great choice of weekend tournaments and daily cash games. Friendly casino staff are on hand to ensure you make the very most of your time with us.The Casino MK is committed to providing you with the very best guest experience. Auto roulette is a unique live roulette variation. You still get the live gaming experience, a real table and wheel, but no actual dealer. The appeal of this game is that the gameplay is much faster up to 80 games per hour!As the name implies, the game is run automatically, giving players time to place their bets, the wheel and ball are released, and the payouts are handed out. Simple, right?If you are looking for the real dealer experience, I would recommend you avoid this game.Where can you play live Auto Roulette?Auto roulette is popular at US and international casinos, so it is very likely you will find it among their live roulette game options.

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