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Most website users maintain primary knowledge related to website updates or little troubleshooting. But one of their security issues is related to SSL or HTTPS certificate errors or when experiencing a website’s broken layout then requirements come for a professional with technical expertise. In the case of database errors also website user needs technical assistance. Once users are worried about all these, in addition, to the website optimized performance for SEO and conversion with regular backup, we are active in the USA to assist. Completely local secured support for best website performance, indeed budget should be reasonable.

Technology changes quite frequently and our team is equipped with website updating services. We know how to keep you active online, how to make sure your strong presence and make you discoverable to all in your local community. Your business privacy and data are our most concern and we will keep that secret. We never onpass or sell any data or email address or never engage ourselves in Email Marketing. We believe in organic search, the way you reached us, and want to make sure that your website is well-maintained and reachable to all.

Proper maintenance will not keep your website only active, it will make sure that your website loading time is fast and plugins are updated. We also keep a backup of your website so that website is always running. Hackers are always active and many websites become hacked all over the USA every year. Once we are maintaining your website at an affordable plant or packages at an affordable cost, your website is secured. Every business owners have a budget. We always try to provide a special service with affordable packages. We plan the cost based on our engagement. Hourly we charge $50.00 and if we are hired by hours. When small business comes for our promotion offer, they are enjoying the best service within a comparable charge plan.

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world and is inherently secure. However, due to its widespread use, WordPress is also particularly vulnerable to attacks and hacker attacks. As a rule, known security gaps are promptly closed by WordPress core developers and plugin developers. Fix a website Issues are services related to Website Maintenance. However, without Website Maintenance Services you only enjoy this security, if you regularly update your website and keep an eye on possible WordPress security gaps.

As soon as you miss the latest updates or do not install them in time, there is an increased risk for your WordPress installation. Occasionally, known vulnerabilities are quickly exploited, and your website may be vulnerable because of missing updates. Even you may experience a problem like a website broken layout for update issues. We not only update your website but also offer a complete maintenance concept including daily cloud backups, security scans, performance/uptime monitoring, and many other services.

Serving as an emergency website repair company, we can assist clients nationwide. Our office is in Houston, Texas. Maintenance is a must to keep your Website active, and running at top speed. At WevTech we know how imperative it is to have a strong web presence. If you’re experiencing problems with your site, contact us and our emergency support staff will provide a detailed report of what needs to be fixed. We are available 24/7 with affordable prices and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No deposit or upfront charges to diagnose your site's issues. We proudly serve the entire United States of America.

Be confident in knowing that when we are involved, your site will perform at maximum potential through our powerful SEO Optimization services. Whether code-related, SEO or Online marketing errors exist. Our complete team is here to help. We are Technologically sound and have served many clients. Please feel free to check our credentials by reviewing this list of satisfied customers. (***Provide link for the potential customer to do so here***) In addition to Website Design and Error Repairs, our team is Very Experienced in Google’s My Business Page Optimization, On-Page SEO, local business ranking in Google Maps, and Malware Removal. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff instill confidence in our clients.

We maintain valid standard certifications from Google Analytics Academy, including Advanced Google Analytics, Google Ads- Measurement Certification, Google Shopping Ads Certification, Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Video Certification, Google Ads Display Certification, The Fundamental of Digital Marketing, and Digital Marketing-SEMrush Certifications. Being a website repair service provider, we ensure our techniques will Optimize your site’s SEO. If you’re looking for an expert to solve website errors, while maintaining company privacy, look no further. Malware Removal, Hacked Websites, and sites with Errors is our area of expertise. Service, Security, and Speed with prices that fit your budget.

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