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The software development process usually includes the following main steps:

Requirements Analysis: In this stage, developers collect and analyze the requirements for the software product. It is important to understand functional and non-functional requirements, as well as user needs and project goals.

Design: Here the architecture of the software solution is defined, including the choice of technology, the creation of diagrams and the planning of the structure and components of the system.

Development: In this phase, the software is created by writing source code. Developers implement the functionality defined in the previous stages and test the components to ensure that they work.

Testing: The software is subjected to testing to identify bugs, verify compliance and ensure its quality. This includes unit, integration, functional, performance, and other types of testing.

Deployment and Installation: After successful completion of testing, the software is ready to be installed and deployed on the target platform or infrastructure. This phase may include software installation, configuration, customization, and integration with existing systems.

Operation and support: After deployment, the software is maintained and updated throughout its lifecycle. This includes problem and bug resolution, updates and functionality extensions in response to changing requirements and user feedback.

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Web app development is a process that allows the creation of applications for the Internet. It's called Web application because it can be accessed through any internet-connected browser. I can suggest to use Web App Development Company help in order to develop all that you need. Web apps have many advantages over their desktop counterparts, such as faster page loading and less hardware requirements.

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