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Your driver is one of the most expensive clubs in your bag and is also one of the most fragile. Being made of much lighter metals than your irons or your putter, it is very easy to put a dent or a scratch in your driver head if you're not taking proper care of them. And if you've ever tried to play with a dented driver, you'll know how much difference that damage can make, preventing you from producing top-quality golf shots.

If you want to protect your pride and joys then one of the best golf accessories to consider purchasing is a good headcover. Indeed not only is the protection invaluable, but there are some genuinely stunning designs knocking around the headcover scene these days, and you can add some real quality and color to the top end of your bag.

Back in the day, you used to buy your woods together and get a trio of cheap knitted socks to look after your woods, but since then we have truly moved on with many brands manufacturing cool and unique designs to give your golf bag a little more personality.

What to consider when buying new custom golf headcovers

Club headcovers might not be the most technical piece of equipment, or the first accessory that is on your list of things to buy, but they are a very important thing to have to protect your long range clubs and for that reason there are several important factors to think about when purchasing your next club headcover.

1. Size

Headcovers come in a variety of different sizes and shapes depending on the clubs you're buying them for. Depending on what clubs you have in your bag that need protection, you will need to think about the type and size of headcovers you need. For example, you can purchase a headcover for pretty much every club in your bag from your driver right the way down to your putter. Most golfers tend to buy headcovers for their driver, fairway woods, hybrids and putters, but you can get covers for your irons too, if you're concerned about scratching or denting them.

Depending on the club you're buying your cover for, you need to think about the size of the cover. Buying a cover that is too large for a certain club could mean that the cover doesn't fit well on that club, will likely fall off during your round and may even damage the club. Because of this, our top piece of advice when buying a club headcover is to always purchase a cover that is the correct size for your clubs. You may also want to consider buying a set of club headcovers, which might save you more money than buying them individually.

2. Material

Protection is paramount when thinking about the type of club headcover you want to buy. Golf clubs don't come cheap, so investing in a cover that is going to keep your clubs safe from being bashed around on the course is invaluable. That's why its always wise to get a headcover that is made of a sturdy and durable material that will keep your clubs safe. Leather is perhaps one of the best covers as it can also prevent your clubs from getting wet in the rain. Cotton and wool covers may not be as advantageous in wet weather golf but they can also provide great protection to your driver, fairway wood and putter heads.

3. Durability

Some of the premium golf headcovers that feature the best designs don't come cheap. They can be an expensive addition to your bag and you don't want to have to be spending another $100 every other season replacing them. That money could be put towards green fees or a membership, arguably a better investment for most golfers, so for that reason, you should look to purchase a cover that is durable and will last a long time. Our top piece of advice is to look for covers that are waterproof and can withstand the rain.

4. Style

Style is another key point to remember when purchasing a club headcover. Whether you're a more traditional golfer or if you're looking for something that's going to make you stand out on the course, adding a touch of personalization to your golf bag can seriously help you feel comfortable and confident when you're on the course.

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