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Massage is hailed for its stress-relieving, knot-releasing benefits – but what if we told you it can break down fat, smooth cellulite, and give your skin a glow as well? We’re not just talking about any massage treatment; it’s a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, designed to detoxify your body with just the right combination of techniques and level of pressure.

It takes skillful hands and unique knowledge to unlock the benefits of MLD, and we’ve just launched the treatment at our Mallucci London South Kensington clinic.

Here we reveal exactly how it works, the rewards of a regular massage, and how you can get started on your own lymphatic drainage journey. This is what you need to know…

What does a lymphatic drainage massage do?

First, it’s important to understand how the lymphatic system works. It’s your body’s built-in detoxifier, working hard to get rid of ‘waste’, such as bacteria and excess fluid. Sometimes the system needs a little extra help to effectively cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. The goal of a lymphatic drainage massage is to give it a ‘reboot’, so it can work more efficiently.

The massage consists of precise, skilful gestures that deftly sweep stagnant ‘waste’ towards the lymph nodes, which makes it easier for your body to eliminate the toxins – and fast. But make no mistake: it takes an expert to carry out these techniques properly, so it’s always recommended that you seek a professional to give your lymphatic system a boost. This also isn’t like your usual massage, which works to loosen knots and tension; it combines firm pressure with a specific set of motions to unlock a raft of other tangible body benefits.

So, what are the lymphatic drainage massage benefits?

Debloats and depuffs

Fluid retention can happen to us all. Whether around your belly or your legs, ‘water weight’ can result in puffiness and bloating that your lymphatic system may need help to clear. A lymphatic drainage massage helps to ease all that fluid away, pushing it towards the lymph nodes where it can be eliminated. This is one of many reasons you may leave your treatment feeling lighter and more energised. If you suffer with heavy legs, this is a big benefit.

Breaks down cellulite and fat cells

Your practitioner can target cellulite during your lymphatic drainage massage, using a clever technique that, over time, may contribute to the smoothing of dimpled skin. This manual process also aims to break down fat cells, with some people reporting that it’s helped them to lose weight faster.

Gives skin a glow

Massaged skin often glows because the manual gestures give your blood circulation a boost, but we haven’t just seen boosted radiance on limbs, legs and decolletage. Some of our lymphatic drainage clients notice the skin on their face also looks more luminous – again, as a result of stimulated blood flow.

Helps with post-injury swelling

When you have an injury – say from working out hard in the gym – you might find the area doesn’t circulate fluids as well, which causes extra swelling. Excess puffiness may be a sign that your lymphatic system isn’t working quite as it should, so a lymphatic drainage massage could be needed to help drain some of the swelling away.

Optimises results after liposuction

If you’ve undergone liposuction or a body-sculpting treatment (such as CoolSculpting or EMSculpt Neo), booking in for MLD post-procedure can help to enhance the contoured results. Talk to your surgeon or practitioner first, as they may advise some downtime before you go for a massage.

Eases tension in the body

Last but not least, a lymphatic drainage massage can be truly relaxing. The sweeping gestures and the increase of lymph flow often works wonders at easing tension throughout your body. So, if you’re feeling pent-up, you can lie back and allow your practitioner to ease away stresses, all while receiving the benefits above.

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