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Internet has revolutionized the way the retailing business is done. With its unparalleled accessibility, it has become the venue of business transactions and the home of different users selling various products and services. The internet is also a witness to the increasing partnership between online sellers and wholesalers. Why online sellers buy supplies from wholesalers is not exactly a mystery that requires judicious and enlightened understanding. A cursory reading of the circumstances that brought these two together will in fact show that this partnership is brought about by a common desire to cater to the needs of the online market and in the process, earn huge and substantial profit.

It is not hard to point out that online selling of products and services has the whole world as the target market. A website selling for example clothing goods can be accessed by anyone connected to the web. Indeed, the internet opens up a lot of business opportunities and this is true specifically to online sellers and wholesalers. And since the internet is fast becoming as the largest repository of potential market, competition among sellers is high and the price of losing is a bit unimaginable.

An online seller worth his salt always thinks of how to find a way to attract buyers. Looking at market behaviour and understanding its trends and progression will usually lead the retailer to believe that selling cheap but quality products coupled with sound marketing skills is one of the best strategies to succeed. But where to find cheap but quality products to sell online is a problem that continues to hound the online businessman. Until of course the wholesaler comes to the fore.

Wholesalers provide the online sellers and retailers half of the solution. Wholesalers normally offer substantial price discounts. This is understandable since the wholesaler is driven by the need to transform his inventory into cash while retaining the profitability of the enterprise. With better payment terms, steady supply of quality products and the assurance of reliable and continuing sales-related services, most players of the descale bottle warmer online retail industry are now taking a serious look at working with wholesalers. Indeed, wholesalers give them a better chance at success.

As Seen on BBC News, FORBES and CNN Money

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