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Five reasons you need to be using Agreement templates Whether youíre a large-scale company, a non-profit, or a one-person show, having agreement Templates ready to go will undoubtedly make your life easier, save you money, save you time and headache in the long run

Time: Agreement templates are best for situations where youíre likely to make the same agreement over and over again. Having a document in place means you donít have to recreate your contract each time.

Protection: If youíre relying on handshakes, verbal agreements, emails, or instant messaging to form an agreement, youíre leaving your organization vulnerable to parties taking advantage of you.

Professionalism: The purpose of the Agreement template is to exchange value in the form of consideration. Your agreement template is an opportunity to show other parties that youíve thought about their interests in addition to your own.

Accountability: The often-overlooked benefit of an agreement template is the clarity and accountability it provides for all parties. Disputes are formed because trust is broken, or expectations were mismanaged.

Scale: Having an agreement Template across your organization enables your business to scale internal and external processes.

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