26 Jun 2022 - 11:56:34
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Where can I buy old Amazon buyer accounts?

26 Jun 2022 - 13:56:14
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Amazon is more successful than ebay because they are more greedy (yes, I said it). They cater to shoppers at ANY cost, which in many cases means stealing from their sellers (said it again). Example: One of the items we used to sell is magazine subscriptions. We had in our descriptions to contact us in the event there is any problem with delivery within 90 days, which is generous. Many of the subscribers were prisoners, which get moved to different locations occasionally, check here . One fine upstanding citizen contacted me at 11 months into his 12 month subscription letting me know he never got his magazines, not even one. I told him we could not help because of it being all but used up. So he filed a claim with amazon, who immediately took the money from us and refunded him. We had many more similar scams where amazon immediately sided with the buyer. Its a shame.

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