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Prohibition of deep water mining

A conservation meeting last week called for a slotxo global suspension of deep-sea mining. until there is a rigorous review. Controversial activity targeted valuable elements such as manganese and nickel. controlled on the high seas by International Seabed Authority, an organization authorized by the United Nations. The group has issued 30 exploration permits,

but no commercial mining licenses. because the authority did not finalize the regulations Conservationists worry that deep-sea mining will destroy biologically rich sea mountains. hydrothermal chimney and other habitats In addition to calling for a temporary halt to mining International Union for Conservation of Nature which maintains a red list of threatened species

Biden orders US fire

President Joe's Administration Biden may face lawsuits that challenge the powers he announced last week to force more Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but several legal experts suggest the policy has a solid foundation. Companies with 100 or more employees may face fines if their employees are not vaccinated against the spread of the coronavirus.

or get tested regularly. In addition, federal employees and contractors And health care workers participating in Medicare or Medicaid programs must be vaccinated. without opting out of the test Some public health experts say the federal mandate should continue, such as requiring proof of vaccination for airline passengers, for example. In his announcement,

Biden expressed his frustration at 25% of Americans eligible for the vaccine. - Nearly 80 million people - missed a single shot The states with the lowest absorption had the most severe morbidity and mortality rates. As for the threat of legal challenges, "yes," Biden said, the US military requires several vaccines. as well as states to allow children to attend schoo

Facebook is aware of bad information.

Facebook apologized last week for supplying 110 social scientists from the Social Science One research group with incomplete information about users from the United States. Researchers studying the impact of social media on democracy and elections. Think they got information about all US Facebook users. But that information only covers half of that.

which clearly identifies political bias on the social media giant's platform. The revelations come after University of Urbino researcher Fabio Giglietto noticed a discrepancy between the latest publicly available Facebook data and the data that scholars have received from the company since February 2020. Facebook has provided the data in a protected aggregate format.

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