16 Sep 2021 - 23:39:07
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Location :
Sawari new Alexandria has the most finest location in which its located on the marriott lake and 6km from the center of Alexandria, 10 mins from cornish , behind carrefour city center and police hospital in the entrance of Alexandria. This perfect location makes Sawari an easily accessible all around .

Amenities :-
Sawari Alexandria has different amenities .

More than one shopping mall
Restaurants / cafes
Entertainment area
Conference halls and meeting rooms
Gardens and landscapes

16 Sep 2021 - 23:39:43
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Hi all, I recently came across an advertisement for New Alexandria Egypt and decided that I needed to learn as much as possible about this beautiful project, I spent hours reading about it and decided to invest in real estate in such a beautiful and new year and I recommend that you pay attention to it

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