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Helen Liu of Bain & Company said the electric vehicle sector is seeing This is the “most exciting moment” at the moment and consolidation in this sector is inevitable.Liu, a partner at a consulting firm, said: "Mergers and acquisitions are an inevitable trend in this industry," he said on Tuesday. She cited reasons such as the capital-intensive electric vehicle industry and the heavy nature of technology.

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In the past, we've seen invisible hands like the market. It also sees trends, regulations, guiding the industry through ongoing consolidation trends,On Monday, China's Minister of Industry and Information Technology had "too many" EV makers. Those comments sparked fears over further regulatory action by Beijing. This time it targets the autonomous vehicle sector after previous moves in other industries such as private education and technology.

Huaibin Lin of IHS Markit said he saw little chance that Beijing would interfere in the short term. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's call to consolidate the automotive sector is not new and has occurred over the past 20 years, he told CNBC's "Squawk Box Asia" on Tuesday.We are in an ever-growing market where we have seen huge growth over the last 20 years in car sales

China automotive manager at IHS Markit. New energy vehicles are having very strong momentum.Will we see serious consolidation within the industry itself? We think there is a big question mark as long as the market continues.Liu from consulting firm Bain agrees that the sector's growth momentum and outlook looks very positive at the moment. This is supported by factors such as support policies. And most importantly - acceptance from customers.

China's EV boom

China's electric vehicle sector is growing rapidly. With tens of thousands of companies jumping into the market and shares of Chinese electric carmakers such as Nio and Xpeng rising sharply. According to the Qichacha business database

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