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31 Aug 2021 - 04:13:06
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Have you ever wondered why some people have a non-traditional sexual orientation? In particular, why do men become gay? Let's find out what contributes to this-genetic mutations or the human environment?

What is sexual orientation, and how is it determined?
According to the laws of nature, all people on the planet Earth are born either men or women. That is, there are two genders-male and female.

They are determined by a set of chromosomes that are genetically laid down: XX female, XY-male. Also, the differences between men and women are in the hormonal background: if men have the main hormone testosterone, then women have estrogen.

Nature has made sure that the human race continues. That is why in most cases men build families with women, which leads to the birth of offspring. This orientation is considered normal among people.

But not all people are attracted to representatives of the opposite sex. It happens that women like women, and men like men. In such cases, sexual orientation is called unconventional, since it contradicts the basic principles of continuing life on Earth.

Why does sexual orientation change its "direction"?

According to legends, earlier all people were created from two halves. Later, they were very guilty before God, after which he separated them. Since then, every person on the planet has been wandering in search of his second half, which, by the way, could not only be a person of the opposite sex. It is believed that some people could consist of halves of the same sex.

Legends, of course, are interesting. But in fact, the trend is that nowadays more and more men are becoming representatives of non-traditional orientation, that is, gay. What is the reason for this behavior?

Why men become gay: is there a consensus on this?

A few decades ago, people hid their unconventional inclinations, even if they were present from birth. It was not customary to talk about homosexuality.

Years later, the talk that some men have a passion for their own kind began to spread quickly, which caused universal criticism from people. Such men were considered "wrong", and they became outcasts in society.

But now the picture has changed radically: from now on, gays do not hide their feelings, but openly demonstrate them. Moreover, they create same-sex families and fight for their rights in society.

What caused the emergence of same-sex love among men, scientists can not say. More precisely, they name several reasons for this behavior, but they have not yet managed to come to a common denominator.

After conducting recent research in this area, most scientists agreed that a large number of factors affect the development of homosexuality:

Psychological ones.
Since each of the factors has its own influence, I will tell you in more detail about each of them.

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